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Radio Days



Rick Scott:

Evenings for K-Earth 101 Los Angeles


Rick Scott Air Check - 1983 K-Earth 101
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Rick Scott Air Check- 1982 WCAO - Baltimore
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I was a radio station contest junkie starting about 12 years old. Winning tons of cash to yes, a vibrator.  I won so much that the DJ's got to know me.  Occasionally in high school I would skip school and take a bus to visit my favorite radio station and the local DJ's I made friends with.  Then when I was 15 they hired me. I made $2.10 per hour at the #1 Rock station in Baltimore and I became the youngest DJ on the air in town.  That was 1975.  By the end of '82, I had worked my way around town and there was no place left to make more money so I got lucky and wound up at legendary LA station K-Earth 101. After 3 years a new consultant came in and fired the entire staff.  Having been in Hollywood for 3 years at that point,  TV came calling and I spent one final year working part time in radio while transitioning to television.  That was actually playing country music here in LA at KZLA.

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