If you have a story to be told or a message to convey, be it large or small, I pride myself on not only the experience I bring to the project, but equally the experience we'll have working together.  


As an award winning seasoned producer, director, editor, storyteller and business owner,  I have successfully delivered thousands of projects, well in excess of 100 million dollars to nearly every major network and studio, building deep, long lasting relationships.   Having employed hundreds of people over the years, these days I'm ecstatic to be back to my roots working one on one directly with my clients on every aspect of production from developing creative to post production.

You’ll find dozens of household names among my hundreds of clients.  Creations include the memorable look and branding of dozens of major American television networks and shows. Though just a mere fraction of my archive, I'm sure you'll recognize a great deal of the work stored though these pages, and I look forward to the opportunity to create some magic with you as well.   - Rick Scott, AutonomyTV

My Work - 30 Years of TV
State of the City
Covid-19 PSAs
GPS Sizzle
Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau
Palm Springs Modernism
ANA Inspiration
Barbra Streisand: Walls
Ritz Carlton
Cal Travel Assn.
Capitol Congress 2019
MC Hammer Tribute
Capitol Records
Wellest 2019
Desert X
Small Hotels Palm Springs
Mary J Blige Lyric Vid
Katy Perry Tease & spot
Bob Dylan: No Direction Home
Suicide Squad Soundtrack
Troye Sivan Trailer
Alice Cooper
Paranormal Commercial
Capitol Studios 60th
Avenged Sevenfold Commercial
Rick Scott | Editor
Niykee Heaton
Silversea Cruises
Elton John
Universal Music Group
Sky Renee Music Video
Keith Richards
Keke Palmer
Jordan Smith
Toni Kohn House
Ariana Grande
Fifty Shades of Grey
Corporate Sizzle Reel
House Of Magic
Paper Towns Soundtrack
DL Hughley
Covergirl:  Erin Andrews
TV Pilot - Pitch
Jordan Smith 'Tis The Season still
coming soon
Covergirl:  Becky G
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