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By 16, I worked full time in radio as the youngest DJ in Baltimore, employed 40 other DJ’s for my first company all while completing 11th and 12th grades of high school the same year so I could graduate early.  By 23, I sold that business and went to Hollywood where I became the youngest DJ in Los Angeles at legendary K-Earth 101.  If you're seriously bored, here are a few very embarrassing air checks you can listen to.  Along the way I managed actors, invented interactive games and even partnered with Larry King on a buisness I developed for AT&T. (The 1st 900# in the US)


By ’88, I faked my way into Television shooting a 7-Up commercial for my 1st real gig Producing. After the death of my directing partner I re-opened Autonomy in ’95 with 3K I made on a project for Arnold  and Maria.


Within a short time I had over 55 full-time employees, a huge facility in Hollywood & every major TV Network and Studio as clients.  I was successful at Producing, Directing and editing as well as creating a ground breaking company.  Our work is still seen worldwide daily.  You'd recognize a great deal of it.  A few favorites that survived over the years are within these pages.

I’m a serial Entrepreneur.  I still make money off of washing cars at 5 years old by selling my dad's 8mm film of me as stock footage.  As a matter of fact, Paramount Studios recently acquired 3 clips for the movie "Daddy's Home" starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell.  My clips open the movie, you can't miss it.

In 2008 I took a part-time hiatus and decided to do my bucket list with my husband Dustin Heyborne while we were young enough to enjoy it.  I  parlayed my expertise in TV & Marketing/Advertising into a way to see the world in ultimate luxury. We spent almsot 6 years traveling the world and experiencing over 74 countries plus Antarctica after creating marketing concepts for luxury cruise lines. I highly recommend everyone try this.  Don't wait to travel till you're to old!  Now I'm back with a whole new world view and life perspective.


If you have a story to be told or a message to convey, be it large or small, I pride myself on not only the experience I bring to the project, but equally the experience we'll have working together.  I bring a treasure trove of experience to projects.  As an award winning and seasoned producer, director, editor, and business owner,  I have successfully delivered thousands of projects well in excess of 100 million of dollars. 


Having employed hundreds of people over the years, these days I'm ecstatic to be back to my roots, working one on one directly with my clients on every aspect of production from developing creative to post production. I look forward to personally speaking with you about your project and what we can do together.

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