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Norwegian Cruise Lines - Puzzle App

The marketing team at Norwegian Cruise Line took a bold and innovative approach to showcasing their brand in a truly unconventional way.  Autonomy gamified Norwegian Cruise Line into a fun Puzzle App. Creating an immersive hands on experience to connect with the brand unlike any other form of advertising allows. You're literally holding the brand in your hands.


What better way to connect with the millions of Smartphone & Tablet users worldwide?  It's a reason for people that have never cruised or even considered cruising to become familiar with the brand that they never considered. As well as a platform and a reason for past customers to stay connected. There's no commercials or hard sell. We simply created an organic product that does it's job without screaming at you, making it truly a great experience for end users. 


Sample Puzzle 1

How To Play Video

Sample Puzzle 2

App Store Screen Shots

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